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From the Land of Milk & Honey...Texas

Milk & Honey has been a refreshing, relaxing, healthy and anti-aging beverage since 1,462 B.C.E. (give or take a couple hundred years).

The Original Milk & Honey Beverage

Guzzle it cold or warm it up before bed for a relaxing night's sleep. Use it in your coffee, tea or cereal. Fill your tub with it and have a nice, long soak for all we care. It's your money.

100% natural. Contains 1% milk, honey, vanilla, and cinnamon.      

Only 8 gm. sugar and 140 cal. (21 from fat) in an 8 oz. serving. 

Where to Find It

Beevine is available for retail purchase in select grocery and convenience stores and finer eateries.

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